Top 5 Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter!

As a pet parent, you may have experienced the feeling of stress and anxiety when planning a vacation or a trip, especially when you can’t take your pets due to distance, health issues, or other reasons. Leaving your pets in an unfamiliar environment like a boarding facility or asking friends, family, or neighbors to take care of them can be a daunting task. However, with the recent growth of professional pet sitting, you no longer have to worry about your pets’ safety and well-being while you’re away. In fact, hiring a Professional Pet Sitter has many benefits, including the following top five:

1. You work with an experienced, professional pet sitter.

Professional pet sitters with experience should be licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure the safety of you, your pet, and your home. A reliable pet sitter will always arrive at scheduled appointments and will have a backup plan in case of an emergency. Additionally, some pet sitters may provide updates to pet owners after each visit, by sending an email or a text message to let them know their beloved pets are happy and healthy.

Unlike gig jobs offered by companies like Rover or WAG, pet sitting is not a part-time or gig job for us. Furthermore, our insurance and bond are with companies that are designed specifically for professionals in the animal care industry.  Industry-related insurance companies like the ones we use are quick to respond in the event of an issue, cover a multitude of areas that are In your home pet care-related, and they know the industry well. 

Having been in the industry as long as we have, the stories we hear from gig jobs or software companies are endless with incidents not being properly addressed or ever paid out while these companies tout background checks and insurance, they don’t come close to a true professional. Furthermore, our pet sitters undergo extensive background checks, personality assessments, and ongoing training to ensure the highest level of care for your precious family members. Our goal is to allow you to leave your home with peace of mind, knowing you have hired a reliable and trustworthy professional.

2. Your pets stay at home.

Boarding facilities can cause undue stress on your pets, particularly if they are not used to being away from home. Unfamiliar smells, surroundings, and noises may not seem like a big deal to us, but they are actually quite stressful for our furry friends who rely on these senses and can often lead to stress and stress-related illness. With a professional pet sitter, your pets can stay at home where they are surrounded by everything familiar to them.

Every day, they will receive one or more visits from a friendly pet sitter. For cats, we visit at least once a day, unless they require insulin or medications that require multiple visits. For dogs, we generally visit 2 to 3 times a day, and we also stay overnight with your fur babies if they need to be taken out early or late or if their medication schedule falls outside our regular visiting hours. We also have extensive experience with bunnies, chinchillas, hamsters, birds, and tortoises, which we visit at least once a day as well.

3. Your pets maintain their routine.

Pets thrive on routine. If you feed your dog late, you may face his wrath as he chews your favorite pair of pants or shoes to show his displeasure. Pets find comfort in routine, and while they don’t read clocks, they always know when it’s time to eat. When you hire a professional pet sitter, you can tell them what you want them to do during visits so that your pets can enjoy their usual routine.

As part of our onboarding process, we spend quality time going through the routine that you fill out in our online system. We then go through that routine at our initial meeting, adding anything that may need to be added. We keep these notes in our system for future visits and they can be adjusted or updated at any time as things change. This is not something that your friend or neighbor may consider, and even if they do, they may lack experience and not know what to do if the routine is out of sync. In such cases, you may end up spending your time on vacation or at work, walking them through stressful events over the phone.

We tell our clients that no news is good news – if you subscribe to daily updates via text or email, you’ll receive them, however, if there is a true emergency, we will reach out directly. Knowing the difference between a true emergency and just a little blip creates so much peace of mind for our clients. We started pet sitting before cell phones, text messaging, and email, so our clients would leave for a two-week European cruise and have zero communication until they returned, knowing that everything at home was handled in the most professional way possible.

4. Your pets receive their medication on schedule, if applicable.

It’s crucial not to miss a dose of medication for your pet, as it could have severe consequences. If your furry friend requires medication, insulin, or even IV fluids, your professional pet sitter will ensure they receive the correct dosage at the appropriate time every day. You’ll also provide your vet’s name, phone number, and other relevant information about your pet’s health, so the sitter can contact the vet directly if necessary. We have extensive experience and training in administering insulin and IV fluids, as well as many tricks to make medication administration easier for your pets while keeping them comfortable in their own environment.

5. Your home remains secure.

Leaving newspapers or mail piling up in the mailbox, keeping lights on all day, or leaving trash cans outside can be a sign that you are not home, and can also pose a security risk to your home and pets. But with a professional pet sitter, you can avoid these risks. They will bring in your paper and mail, rotate the lights on and off each day, and even bring in your trash cans to give the appearance that someone is at home. In addition, they will remain discreet and not use a vehicle that advertises their services, avoiding any signs that reveal that nobody’s home.

We also have extensive experience working with various home alarm systems, so you don’t have to worry about the alarm going off or not knowing how to use it.

What is the biggest benefit for you and your pets when you use a pet sitter?

Bonus ReasonOnce you’ve established services as a member of our growing fur baby family, any future reservations can be made right online through our scheduling system which is a huge convenience and relief for our clients.  We get the schedule notification, approve the dates, and send you a confirmation via email and then we’ll show up to start visits.  We book services a year and a half into the future, so when you have travel dates, be sure to line up their pet care and you can relax knowing that we’ll be there!

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